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Aspen Elementary School
0235 High School Road
Aspen, CO 81611



Students will realize their full potential, appreciate the relevance of their education, be excited to learn, and empowered for success.


Aspen Elementary School Motto

Treat others as you want to be treated.


The Aspen Elementary School seeks, implements, and monitors best practices for student and teacher learning. The staff focuses on learning in collaborative teams. Faculty clearly defines, articulates, implements, and assesses what students know and are able to do, and are committed to the social, physical and emotional well-being of all members.

To seek, implement, and monitor best practices for all learners, we:
• Promote professional development that is research-based and responsive to learning needs.
• Implement a variety of effective instructional strategies that targets support for all students.

To focus on learning in collaborative teams, we:
• Foster a supportive and communicative administrative leadership team.
• Participate in supportive and communicative grade-level, vertical and learning teams.
• Provide sufficient, scheduled planning and collaboration time.
• Guide teams work efficiently and productively.

To define, articulate, implement, and assess student learning, we:
• Follow the adopted standards based district curriculum.
• Use data to guide instruction and to drive responsive targeted interventions (Classroom, ELL, Reading, Math, SpEd, G/T, Counseling etc.).
• Collect a body of evidence that demonstrates student learning.

To support the social, physical and emotional well-being of our school community, we:
• Communicate inclusively and effectively.
• Offer activities that enhance life skills and citizenship.
• Provide and create a safe positive environment


Aspen Elementary School Goals

We are committed to a learning environment where we will:

1. Invite a spirit of cooperation that recognizes compassion, respect, humor and integrity. ...Get along!

2. Demonstrates a commitment to curiosity, discover and creativity. ...Find out!

3. Promote critical thinking in order to evaluate choices, make decisions and solve problems. ...Think and do!

4. Build a solid foundation of conceptual knowledge and skills. ...Be smart!

5. Seek to understand and value the importance of our connection and contribution to the community and the world beyond. ...Join in!

6. Establish an atmosphere of trust where diversity is honored, risks may be taken and communication is honest. ...Make a safe place!

7. Foster positive attitudes toward a healthy physical, emotional, social and academic life. ...Be healthy and happy!

8. Encourage self-awareness and self-regulation to cultivate individual growth. ...Know yourself!

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