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  Welcome to the
Aspen Elementary School

January 2014
School Year

Welcome to Your Library


Common Sense Media
Parents of 3rd and 4th grade student look for information from Common Sense Media in your student's backpack!

Kindergarten Parents

Tips To Make Your Child's Library Experience
Exciting, successful , and stress free!!
  1. Post your child's library day in a visible place.  For example a post-it note on the refridgerator.
  2. Have one special place, a table, shelf, or basket in your home where the library book "lives" when not being read. 
  3. Have your student put their library book in their backpack the night before their library day.

Please Remember - Books are checked out for 
                1 Week at a time.
Due dates are written in your student's book.
All students are asked to return books weekly out of fairness, and respect to other students.

                  Literacy Appreciation Survey 
    Looking for a book?
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