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August 2011
Dear Students, Parents, and Caregivers,
As Food Service Manager for the Aspen School District Elementary and Middle Schools, I would like to extend a warm welcome back to another exciting school year. We are making many positive changes to the school meals and want to encourage you and your children to participate in the school lunch program. In fact, one of the most important things you can do for your children’s education and well-being is assure they are well fed both at home and in school. Allowing and encouraging your children to eat school lunch not only helps assure their health and academic ability, but it also supports the Food Service Department and, hence, the entire school district. The more students who eat meals at school, the more financially viable the program becomes.
Our mission is to ensure that all students in Elementary and Middle Schools have access to delicious, healthy, seasonal meals in order to grow their bodies, minds and future. All meals are made from locally grown, sustainable ingredients to the greatest extent possible. We also want all students to understand the relationships between and among food, health, nutrition, cultures, environment, and business; the relationship children have with food will evolve into a circlebenefiting not just themselves, but society as a whole.
This year elementary school lunches are $4.50 per day. Each meal includes milk or an organic apple juice, a hot entrée, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and occasionally a dessert. As an added bonus for our students, we offer a diverse and ever changing salad bar supplied with fresh fruits and vegetables and salads that are determined by the growing seasons, market availability, and price. We try to bring in items that are new and exciting while bringing new flavors that the students might not otherwise get to try. We slice all our meats and cheeses in house and, with the use of fresh breads, our sandwiches become a great tasting and filling meal.
Powerlunch is one of the amenities you receive by having your child in the Aspen School District. Your child is given a student number when entering Aspen School District. This number is how lunch is tracked. It is important for your child to keep his/her number safe so no one else can use it.
No charging of meals will be accepted from a student who has a $0.00 balance on his/her account. Lunch accounts must be pre-paid; no negative balances will be accepted. If your child has qualified for free or reduced price lunches, this information is also in the system, and the meal will be processed just as it is for all other students (The free/reduced lunch program applies to the main lunch meal only, a la carte items are not applicable for free/reduced funding). As a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor your child’s balance and make sure that he/she has money to purchase a meal. 
For balance information, please contact Karen Price at the AES on 970-925-3760 X 3002. We have a financial lunch assistance program available for families; however, you must apply for a scholarship. Please see Karen for application forms. Also, in the case of free/reduced lunch funding, please be aware that all lunch meals are to be paid up until date of scholarship approval.
We hope you will join us in helping your children make healthy food choices in school and at home. Together we can help raise a new generation of healthier and better educated young people. Once again, I am excited to be fueling your children’s needs and look forward to introducing new foods and tastes to you children’s palates.
You can e-mail me at or call me on 970-925-3760 x 3156.
Tenille Folk

As a reminder Aspen Elementary School is a peanut free school. There are several children who attend our school with life threatening peanut allergies.  Therefore please do not include peanut products in either your child’s snack or lunch.


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